As we near the end of the semester…

As we near the end of the semester, GW Bites will be available on a special request basis only. Absolutely need a home-cooked meal? Have a hankering for some baked goods? Celebrating a friend’s birthday and want a Hippo Cake? Shoot us a line at and we will do our best to accommodate your request!

P.S. Are you thrilled that GW Bites launched this year? Dying to have us back next year? Leave us your [anonymous] feedback here!

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Harmonized Living

Harmonized Living is another website from GW Bites founder Cristina Roman–  the first post is live- check it out!

Visit the site on Friday, April 15 for our big launch!

Want to receive a reminder email? Complete this form!

Want to tell your friends about Harmonized Living? Tweet it!

Interested in submitting food or home decor photographs to be featured on the site? Interested in becoming a Harmonized Living contributor? Email!

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BGSKCollege & GW Bites

If you’re an avid food blog follower like we are, you probably know about Big Girls Small Kitchen, an adorable cooking website run by two girls named Phoebe and Cara.

Lucky for us, they’ve now launched BGSKCollege, which is live as of about 29 minutes ago.

And even more exciting, an article about GW Bites was posted! Thank you so much to GW student and BGSKCollege columnist Sarah Leibach for her great piece. And thank you to Phoebe and Cara as well! We love your website and will continue to follow it religiously 🙂

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gw bites in the gw business plan competition!

Great news: GW Bites made it to the next round of the GW Business Plan Competition! Over 100 plans were submitted and 32 teams were chosen to move on to the next round.

How can you help us win and expand GW Bites? Email with any feedback you have. Have experience in writing a business plan? We’d love your help!

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a fun spice game!

I’m on a mission and I need your help. As of right now, I’ve barely made a dent in the jars of spices in my cabinet, despite cooking quite frequently. What will I do with all of these delicious spices when I graduate?!

So…every few days, I’m going to post a new spice and then figure out a recipe that revolves around it. I could turn to Google OR you could help me by posting your favorite spice-based recipe in the comments section!

What do you get out of it? I’ll credit it you for your recipe AND you get to see exciting new recipes pop up under the “Blog” tab.


This week: Sesame seeds

P.S. Budget Bytes is my kind of site! It breaks down the cost of various meals

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two week hiatus

GW Bites will be on hiatus for the next two weeks.

But don’t worry- you can still connect with us!

Update your Facebook status with Invite your friends to our Facebook page. Mention us on Twitter (@gwbites). Tell your friends (use this form)! Give us feedback.

See you in two weeks!

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cookbook, anyone?

Groupon is offering $20 to Barnes & Noble for $10. Get yours! Think this, this, or this 🙂

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