The Eaters Among Us: GW Bites (BGSKCollege)- Thank you to Sarah Leibach, Phoebe Lapine and Cara Eisenpress!

Delivering dorm-friendly dinners (The Hatchet)- Thank you to Lauren Katz and Marie Mcgrory!

A Tasty New Business: GW Bites ( Thank you to Shannon Sweeny and Alex Conlan!

GW Bites video (The Source)- Thank you to Nicole Capo and Ash McDaniel!

Homemade meals delivered directly to students’ doors (SpringWise)

Student Dining Deliveries- GW Bites Delivers Home-Cooked Meals to Starving Students (TrendHunter)

College Entrepeneurs: Cristina Roman Brings Home Cooked Meals to George Washington Students (Campus Socialite)- Thank you to Daniel Caufield!

Idea of the Day: Delivering Homemade Meals To Hungry College Students (Business Insider)- Thank you to Dylan Love!

GW Student Entrepreneurs (Multimedia presentation)- Thank you to Andrea, Scott, and Rachel!

When Home Cooking Comes to College (GW Issue)- Thank you to Craig Dudek!

Meal in–A Mason Jar?! (Chow Bella)- Thank you to Jennifer Woods!


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